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Audrey at Home

On Wednesday I briefly talked about me and my friend Michaela’s styling project. If you don’t remember, then I will remind you. We were assigned to do a still life photo shoot based on a style icon (we chose Audrey Hepburn). Michaela and I were in complete control of the whole shoot. We had to book a photographer, find a location, get the appropriate props that were needed, and clothing and accessories that resembled our icon. I am so happy and relieved that we finally finished! We received many emails from Iann (our photographer) of all the beautiful pictures she took for us. After many hours of picking and choosing and editing our favorite pictures, we finally made up our minds. So much time and patience went into this project, but we are ecstatic with our result. Who would of thought that styling could take so much out of someone?! A stylist’s job is definitely misleading…if you think that it is all fun and games, you are wrong! I give major props to people who dedicate their lives doing this. Trust me, I am not complaining. I had a blast doing this, and feel like I can really see myself being a stylist, with Michaela! It is scary how similar our taste is, and we happen to work really well together. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy our fabulous editorial spread, Audrey at Home.


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And remember the inspiration of the day: “Fashion is architecture. It is a matter of proportions.” – Coco Chanel

Goodnight, CB


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Chic or Treat

Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for: Halloween! I am sure everyone is so excited to throw on their tacky, cheap, and probably ugly costume tonight…not! I think Halloween becomes one of those holidays where most people dread after their kids grow up (or even when their kids are young)! We have to humiliate ourselves, put a fake smile on, and pretend we are all so excited to be dressed up! We all know once we reach a certain age, there is a big difference between what a “cool” costume is, and what an appropriate costume is. Halloween gives teenage girls (as well as some in their 20’s) an excuse to dress up in the smallest, skankiest outfits they can find! I myself, will admit that I am guilty of this! BUT, if I had a lot of money and was able to afford chic costumes, then of course, I would choose an outfit I could wear again. Mom and dad this is a hint to you…if you supply the stylish costume, I will say goodbye to my tiny ones!

Black Cat


1920’s Flapper


A Grape


A Greek Goddess

greek goddessshoe2

An Indian


A Leapard




A Skunk


See, aren’t these costumes so much more fun to look at? Like one of these styles? Go to Shopbop to check them out.

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A Runway of Food

Wait a minute, could this actually be true? Do people in the  fashion industry actually eat food? Well, it sure seems that way, since a new cookbook featuring 100 fashion designer’s favorite recipes has hit the bookshelves! This great project that was created by the Council of Fashion Designers of America has a full array of recipes. From Carolina Herrera’s pommes toupinel, to Derek Lam’s yellowtail crudo, I am sure we all will be begging for more!


Want this book? Click here.

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Spread Your Wings

This fall season has brought us many looks from the past. One of my favorite vintage trends that I keep seeing is: the fabulous flamboyant feathers! Feathers have been making a big come back, which really excites me. We first saw them on the runways for Spring 2009 Ready To Wear collections, and now we are seeing them fall from the sky! This is such a playful look, and you can have a blast piecing an outfit together with a tasteful touch of feathers. Weather you are wrapped in a feather coat or have your hair pulled back with a feather clip, once you spread your wings, you are bound to fly!



Picture 1Picture 2

Picture 6

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Super Star

Oscar de la Renta has been a part of the fashion industry for the past 6 decades. How inspiring is that? You may think that once a designer reaches a certain age, they won’t be able to create designs that appeal to the younger generation. However, Oscar de la Renta still seems to shock the crowds with his gorgeous designs. Not only do his garments have character to them, but you can really tell that he put a lot of time and effort into researching the younger population. “He’s surprisingly young, even though he’s not so young. I hope to see young people in his clothes, because I felt that he really looked at that and he was up there with all the other young designers. A lot of people, when they get older, they sort of fade a bit. But not him,” said Grace Coddington, creative director at Vogue. Grace, as well as another Vogue editor, Hamish Bowles, were the two lucky people who were able to present Oscar with the “Super Star” award for Fashion Group International’s annual Night of Stars. I am not surprised that Oscar walked away with this award. Truly, he is one of the most talented designers out there, and he knows how the business works, because he has been a part of it for so many years. If you want to see the full collection by Oscar de la Renta, click here, otherwise, enjoy the photos below of some of my favorite pieces from his Spring 2010, ready to wear collection.

Fashion Group International Night of Stars, NY






And remember the inspiration of the day: “Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” – John Fairchild

Goodnight, CB

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With the weather changing on us, most of us (both men and women) turn to the typical pair of jeans. We all seem to forget that there is another fabulous pair of trousers we could be wearing: Corduroy! How can we resist this thick, soft, stylish fabric? Some may think that cords are not as stylish as a pair of denim, but if you know how to pick and style the right pair of cords, the people in jeans will be the ones feeling out of style!


Corduroy is usually looked at as a casual piece of clothing. This is not entirely true if you pick and choose the right garments to go with them. Did you know that a pair of cords is either put in a casual category, or a business category depending on the wailing of the fabric? I am sure most of you men are asking, what in gods name is wailing?

Low Wail Cords– This type of corduroy is placed in the casual category. Why? Because, these cords are thicker, and there are less cords per inch, making them a tougher pair of pants. A nice pair of brown, camel, or even white cords is the key! Men seem to have a hard time adding white pants into their wardrobes, so try adding a pair of white cords! If you wore a light colored shirt and some boat shoes, like Sperry’s, you will be looking fly! Wear these cords outdoors on the weekend, and not at your office!

High Wail Cords– High wail cords, also known as pinwale, are very thin, so these are good for work days. Try sticking to grey and black colors, so you still look professional. Add your favorite button down shirt, a tie, and top the look off with a sports jacket and you will be looking sharp!

The fit: Cords can look like the retro style of the 1970’s if you get the wrong fit. To stay up-to-date in today’s fashion world, stick to the straight, slim fit, (but make sure you are still getting circulation) and they should sit rightbelow your waist.



Typically, we can choose between a straight skinny fit or a boot cut. Both of these styles are easily jazzed up by adding a pair of heels, or changing out a t-shirt for a blouse. We also have the great advantage of jewelry! Women: just remember to choose the right colors, so you still look classy and chic!


Like all of the cords in this post? Check out Jcrew.

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As I mentioned to you all earlier in a post yesterday, men’s suits are a huge trend for this fall season. I talked about a few different suits (3 piece & double-breasted), but I didn’t mention anything on men’s formal dinner attire: tuxedos! There is an exhilarating feeling when you have a formal affair to dress up for. I don’t think men get as excited getting all dolled up for an event like women do, but seeing your man sporting a tuxedo can make them very handsome! Older men will probably stick to the traditional tuxedo look, because there is something very classic about it. In case you are sick of the classic tuxedo look, and want to be daring and try something new, than keep reading!


If it is not required, then don’t wear your tuxedo in a formal way. Pick and choose pieces from the classic tuxedo look, and pair them with fashion pieces. Men, you have to be confident in what you choose from the classic tuxedo look! Some of the pieces would be: the satin shawl tuxedo jacket, satin notched or peaked lapels, or personally, my favorite, the satin stripe down the pant leg. Try and avoid the peaked lapel, and stick to the easier satin shawl, or notched lapel. Yes, the peaked lapel is the most formal of the three, but if you want to be up-to-date in tuxedo wear, then you need to mix and match formal and casual wear. Now, if you are really feeling edgy and you really want eyes on you, then trade your traditional satin shawl tuxedo jacket for a waistcoat.

Cummerbund vs. Vest?

Many men today seem to be more into wearing vests than cummerbunds. Silk vests in shades of silver and grey are the hottest. If you decided to have a pattern at all, then go with stripes.


Bow Tie vs. Neck Tie?

If it were up to me I would stick to the fun bow tie, but it seems like more men are drawn to the neck tie. I think this choice is ultimately up to you; your personality plays a big part in this decision.


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