I have always been a huge armoires person. I think these pieces are beautiful to have in your home, not only because they look amazing, but because they can store a lot of good stuff. I myself, happen to love old vintage looking ones. They are out of my price range, but I know that I can find an inexpensive one someday at a flea market, and touch it up, I just haven’t found one that has grabbed me yet. You need to have patience when you are looking for a nice fixer upper, because if you just go ahead and get the first thing you see, chances are it won’t turn out the way you wanted.

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Can’t afford a new Summer wardrobe? That’s okay, I think most people tend to only buy a few new items for every season that rolls around (I wish I could say I was a part of that group). You can look fabulous at any price, so don’t stress out! These fun summer dresses will have you as the center of attention. Don’t feel like you have to splurge when you can look this good for under $100.

Items In The Set:
1.Picnic in Paradise Dress- $85, modcloth.com
2. Rose Garden Melanie Dress- $78, topshop.com
3. 3 Button Dress by Wal G- $74, topshop.com
4. Vintage Floral Bandeau Dress- $90, topshop.com
5. Dusty Pink Blake Dress- chickdowntown.com

Inspiration of the day: ” Take responsibility for yourself because no one’s going to take responsibility for you.”- Tyra Banks

Goodnight, CB

I can always count on my wonderful Aunt Elbie to send me all of the new amazing products that are out there. She works for Chanel make-up so whenever I see something that catches my eye, I always send her a quick email to see if she can send me anything. I received my new favorite nail polish: Chanel’s Nouvelle Vague. It is the perfect pastel color and great for Spring. I am urging all of you to try it this sunny season, because it will give your outfit just a tiny splash of color that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The worst thing in the world is having an over stuffed closet with absolutely no extra space. I have a beat up bag that is supposed to be my laundry bag, that sits on the floor in my closet and takes up every last bit of carpet space. Not only is it irritating, but by the end of the week my whole closet smells because I have so much laundry that has to be done! I really want to find some sort of wicker hamper that will look chic in my room, and will look like an accessory rather than a hamper. I think that this is a good solution for not only me, but for others who are in the same sort of situation as I am in. I found a fun one on Ebay this morning that has a little more character to it, that would be a great addition to my collection of things.

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Cruise Dior

Who can believe that collections for 2011 are already being shown? Time truly does fly by. Dior’s 2011 cruise collection just hit the runway in Shanghai with inspirations from Brigitte Bardot (how funny that I just did a post on her), and French Cinema, this line had everything I could possibly wish for. All I have to say about the sweet collection is that I hope I win the lottery so I can buy every single look! After seeing all of the fabulous get ups, I had an urge to go back in time and play dress up with my Barbie dolls! Now that I think of it, I don’t need to go back in time, I can always play dress up! To read more about the collection, or see more photos from the runway show, check out Harpers Bazaar.

Inspiration of the day: ” When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.”- Diane Von Furstenberg

Goodnight, CB

This morning a beautiful bag caught my eye. Not a perfectly smooth leather bag, but an old, worn down, hobo-style Fendi bag. You would think that I would want a bag in top condition, but the fading and oldness to this bag had me in awe for a good while. This is the perfect tote to throw all of your useless belongings into and hitting the road. The brown color is very versatile and could go with pretty much anything. However, I would not wear this bag out at night because it is a big size, but during the day, this baby is perfect!

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The Perfect Meal

I know that the weather hasn’t been super sunny, or sunny at all, but that hasn’t stopped me from making some favorite Summer meals. Tonight’s menu consisted of Fred Steak, (which can only be found at Schaubs, at Stanford Shopping Center), Parmesan, Garlic sautéed Potatoes, and a chilled Corn, Tomato, & Onion salad. There is nothing like a healthy, hearty, home-cooked meal! Let the Summer eating begin!

Inspiration of the day: “Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.”- Brigitte Bardot

Goodnight, CB